Need help to find and apply the right test ...


I have attached an Excel screenshot (excel file could not be attached) which shows the problem to be solved.
I have 51 curves -> 51 columns in excel with 500 lines each. Each line represents one curvepoint (sample value).
Each curve has been derived by sampling data with the same sampling method, whereas the sampled data changes with time (sampled data not shown).

The task is to find out if curve 51 (e.g. the upper light grey one) is only a random result within the curve fan of all other curves 1 to 50 (only 5 shown) or if it is significantly outside of this

I known there are many tests available like z-test, t-test, chisquare-test etc.

Since I do not have much routine in statistics I do not know which test could be applied here and how the data should be entered into the test (e.g. excel formular
since I only have excel available).

It would be great if someone could give me some advice here.

Looking forward to your reply.


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