Need Help understanding analysis ASAP

disclaimer - not asking for anyone to do my work for me just asking for someone to help me wrap my head around it

Im doing a study for my dissertation on how the race and gender of an offender may influence the decision making of mock jurors in violent crimes.

extract from my methods for context- For the purpose of this study eight crime vignettes (appendix A) were developed. Each Vignette contained a picture of the alleged offender along with their name, age and a fictional description of a crime they had committed. This was then followed by three simple questions which participants answered to express their opinions on what sentence the offender should receive, how dangerous they are and how responsible they are for their actions. A different picture of the offender was used for each vignette. There were two pictures of white males, two pictures of black males, two pictures of white females and two pictures of black females. The crime detailed in each vignette would be a set description of either a violent offence (murder) or a non-violent offence (burglary). Each race and gender combination will have a vignette with a violent crime and non-violent crime description e.g. two pictures of black females, one will have the violent crime description attached to it and the other will have the non-violent crime description attached to it. In the study the vignettes were paired up so that the participants will only see two vignettes out of the total eight. They were paired up so that the two pictures of the offenders are of the same race and gender.

so mixed design with repeated part being the violent and non violent crimes and the independent part being the race and gender aspect, DV's being the three scales.

Firstly how do you think i should analyse this?

My tutor and I analysed it together using spss by doing a 2x2x2 mixed anova which i dont really understand so if anyone can explain to me how it works so i can understand it well enough to write it up that would be appreciated.

I have spoke with my tutor about it and he has attempted to explain it but i still just couldn't wrap my head around it

if ive missed any important details you need just say :)