Need help: What is the appropriate test to perform?

Dear All,

I have some troubles choosing the right test to my data.
I have 7 groups in total with N=8 samples each.
Group 1: control
Group 2: Variable 1 = A, Variable 2 = 1
Group 3: Variable 1 = A, Variable 2 = 2
Group 4: Variable 1 = A, Variable 2 = 3
Group 5: Variable 1 = B, Variable 2 =1
Group 6: Variable 1 = B, Variable 2 = 2
Group 7: Variable 1 = B, Variable 2 = 3

I'd like to determine if there is an ifluence of Variable 1, and 2 regardless of the other one.
Especially, with a 2 way ANOVA, i have the concern that Group 2 is compared to group 6 and 7 when looking at influences of Var1. Moreover, it could indicate that Var2's influence is significant, if in either of groups A and B there is an effect. but i'd like to know in which one, or if in both, ore none there is a significance.

a lot of t-test among each pair would be the alternative.

any thought on that or what else could be more appropriate?



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Can you provide some more context behind your questions? What are you exactly looking at.

Also, can you provide axes labels and titles for the above figures so that we know exactly what we are looking at, thank you.
This is qPCR data (gene expression) in response to different treatments. grey: no treatment. conditions 2-4: treatment A + treatment B in three dosis (colours). conditions 5-7: treatment C + treatment B in the same three dosis.