Need help with correlational stats

Good day,

I am administering a likert scale (1-7) to assess eleven different therapeutic factors as reported by several hundred women on four different online support groups. Not only do I want to compare results of the factors within each group, but I want to compare results from one group to another (between groups).

I am unsure of what statistical measures I need to complete this assessment. Could someone help walk me through it being mindful that I am in need of someone to talk down to my level (very basic) of statistical knowledge?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Are the responses ordinal or interval in nature? If they are interval, you can simply use a T-Test to compare two groups. If they are ordinal, I believe you may need to look into some Non-Parametric Tests.
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The questions are asking about feelings/perceptions ie. I feel like I am connected to others 1 least match to my feelings to 7 most match to my feelings
Okay, so it seems it's interval in nature. I assume you'll be summating each individual item to form a composite overall score for the construct you're trying to measure? If so, just run a t-test for independent groups.