Need some career guidance, please.

A little background on me. I completed my BS in statistics with honors last month. Unfortunately, i've been unlucky so far with my finding a job. So i've entered the grad program of applied statistics.
I'm in the middle of a career change right now and i'm my early 30s. I don't have any family responsibilities and am very flexible. I love my major and am very excited that i have accumulated knowledge in my programming skills (R, SAS, SQL) and acquired different type of analyses for my toolbox. There's just something special about being able to navigate uncertainty in this probabilistic world that makes life a little bit more enjoyable living.
With that being said, I acknowledge that I'm a little bit older and need to be a little bit more practical going forward with my career goals. Initially, I was interested going down the biostatistics route, but I realized that most people pursue a PHD. Although i think it would be fun, i don't believe i have a strong enough desire to do that. The other option in my program is do business analytics. (sidetone: along with doing the applied stat program, i'm also writing the actuary exams, as a way to ensure that I have a lot of job opportunities at the end of the next two years). Correct me if i'm wrong, but i assume that the role i would be training myself for is data analyst.

question 1) is there still a job demand for statistics in business analytics? Also, what other type of jobs are out there that i could be training myself for? (besides data analysis?)

These are the possible electives i will be taking for my program. I need help deciding which ones i should take to help prepare me for my future job .

time series
multivariate data analysis
data mining in R
advanced programming in R using PROC sql and macros
statistical method in business and finance ( forecasting and inference, decision theory, business optimization)

6) marketing analytics

7) bayesian analysis
8) survival analysis

9) internship

Question 2) I can only choose 3 of the 9 courses i listed. They all look so good and i would take all of them, but in terms of job placement and preparation, i'm kind of lost. Which course would be the best for a data analysis role?