Nested design


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Hi Everyone,

I am completely new to SAS jmp so bare with me :)

I am trying to compare a test with three replicates to a reference with 9 replicates.

My setup is the following:

2 different test methods. Each Method is seperated into 4 different temperatures, and each temperature is separated into 5 different frequencies.

In each frequency there are 9 reference Measurements and 3 new Measurements. I would like to test if the new Measurements can be approved. I know that there is no reason for comparing between methods, temperatures, and frequencies.

So I am thinking a nested design like this in the fit model:


Is this the correct way of doing this? And is there a way to make sure the moodel does not compare Method, Temperature and Frequency?

I am sure this is a really easy task, so I am hoping someone in here can help me.

Best Regards