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as a new member of this forum I wish to welcome myself. Welcome! I am beginning studies for a masters degree in statistics this fall. So far I've studied statistics for a year and a half. Other areas of interest includes medicine, psychology and public health, which are subjects I've studied in various degree at the university as well.

When it comes to statistics I am mainly interested in prediction theory. The main area of interest when it comes to applied statistics are odds modeling. In my latest report I estimated fair odds in football games, using a multinomial logistic regression model. The model was evaluated and generated an expected yield of 12 percent per game, which was statistically significant larger than zero percent.

I'm quite weak in the math though, since the statistic studies at my university have had a very low emphasis on the math so far. I hope there will be more math when studying stat on advanced level.

This seems like a knowledgeable forum and I'm looking forward to learn a lot and contribute some as well.

PS. Since English is not my native language, please notify when grammar is incorrect :)


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hey there! welcome, welcome... i think you'll find it fun around here and the kewl thing is that we all get to learn from everyone... oh, and no worries about the english part. it isn't my 1st language either ;)