New to statistics, dont know where to begin

Hi, I'm bran new to this. Hoping this forum is friendly to newbies. I dont know my question fits, so I'll just post it here.

I'm working on a personal project evaluating indicators that are used for trading stocks (forex actually.) I put in the settings that I want to test. Something like: 'setting-A: 1 through 100' . And then my software runs those 100 simulations and tells me how much profit or loss each setting would have generated. It's easy to analyze the data when there is only 1 setting, but when I change 5 settings and run the simulations, it might do 10,000 simulations. The scatter plots can look completely random, even though I know there are patterns to be found. I have heard that something like SPSS would be good to crunch all the data. The intro videos look easy enough and all the data entry looks pretty straight forward, but it seems like everything I'm seeing is more of a linear relationship of variables, with a standard deviation. I cant seem to find anything that is even similar to what I want to do. Can someone point me in the right direction so I can at least watch videos on the topic?