Newbie stats help: How to safely interpret Total Variance Explained -Factor analysis

Hi all,

I have run a factor analysis to test reliability and validity of an established scale and found simple structure with my own sample, which is great. I found a difference between the factors that explain most of the variance in the established study and my study. Now I am discussing my results and I interpreted this finding like this for example: Seeing though most of the variance explained was by X factor and not Y factor (as suggested by the scale autors) this suggests that X factor is more prominent in the present sample.

Is this right? If more of the total variance explained is exaplained by a different factor to what the original scale authors suggested then does this mean that the factor explaining most of the variance in my study is a more prominent/important characterstic in my sample? :confused:

Thanks in advance for anyone attempting to answer my questions. I really appreciate it. :tup:

- Kim