no applicable method for 'anova' applied to an object of class

I am running a model in the latest version of R and it goes through.

fullmodel=lm(Rate~Month*Depth*Moly*WatexCl*WatexSO4*WatexDOC*PWClumoles*PWSO4umoles*TotalFe*DaysInundated, data=FeRed2012)

My anova table comes back with a term that is not significant. I want to eliminate this term, and I do by the drop1 command.

m2=drop1(fullmodel, scope=~Month*Depth*Moly*WatexSO4)
I want the anova table for this, so I type

And I get the response

Error in UseMethod("anova") : no applicable method for 'anova' applied to an object of class "c('anova', 'data.frame')"
What am I doing wrong?



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drop1 doesn't produce a single model. It fits a model for dropping the first term, then produces the results asked for, puts that term back in and then drops the next term and does the same thing. So it creates a lot of models and just returns the output. If you want a p-value for the F test of whether the dropped variable was significant you can add the test="F" parameter. I suggest reading the help file for drop1.