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An interior decorator must furnish two offices. Each office must have a desk, a chair, a file cabinet and 2 bookcases. At a local office furniture store there are 6 models of desks, 8 models of chairs, 4 models of file cabinets and 10 models of bookcases, all of which are compatible. (Any desk can be matched with any chair, etc.) How many choices does the decorator have if he wants to select two desks, two chairs, two file cabinets and four bookcases if he doesn?t want to select more than one of any model?
Since there are 6 models of desks and the person doesn't want to select two desks from same model, he can done it in 6*5=30 different no. of ways.

Similarly two chairs can be selected in 8*7 different no. of ways and so on.

The different no. of ways of furnishing the entire office will be the product of different possibilities of all these items.