Non parametric multivariate analysis?

Hi this is a pretty straightforward question, what analysis allows multivariate analysis that is also non parametric?
I would like to analyse the relationship between one response variable(continuous, non normal data) with 2 independent predictor variables(both categorical).

So the anova equivalent of non parametric test which allows multiple variables.

Thank you! :)


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I think Mann Whitney U is what you are after. But have you checked the residuals from an anova model?
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Oh great thank you so much!
I only checked the residuals from the regression function in excel. Is it reliable to check residuals from an anova model even though it isnt correct to use anova on the data as its not- normal data?


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Hi this is a pretty straightforward question,
You have wrong assumptions (neither Regression nor ANOVA assume normally distributed data; and there is no such thing like nonparametric data, only nonparametric tests); and you did not mention your sample size. Therefore, the answer is NO, but the question was irrelevant for your problem.