Normalizing Variance Value


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Dear all

LETvsAB Mean.jpg
I have a set of data points as show in the above figure. The data points were then binned together such that there are enough data points in each bin.

After binning, I determine the variance of each bin as shown in the color plot below where the color represent the variance value.
LETvsABvsVAR_3.jpg (Dark blue (smallest variance) - yellow(highest variance))

Since the variance determine is some what dependent of the number of data points and the area of the bin, is there any way I could "normalize" the variance value such that the larger area variance can be compared with the variance of the smaller area.

Thank you!!!


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Hi, do you mean you want to optimize the size of the bins so that the variance is homegeneous accross bins?
Hi Camille

Yes, I want to find the variance of the data points in each bin, such that the determined variance values are comparable against each other. As of now, the bin size has a huge difference due to the lack of data points. Initially, I had tried to bin the data points such that there are enough data points in each bin to find the variance.