Not sure which test to use

Hi this is for a psychology assignment which requires stats analysing.

A brief overview of what im testing...

The relationship between empathic understanding (emotional understanding within others) to aggression.

There is only one group of participants, and they will be tested for both empathy and aggression.

Hypothesis is that low levels of empathy = high/er levels of aggression

I cant find an appropriate test on spss. I was thinking to use a one-sample-t-test but cant seem to do it on there.

would appreciate if anyone could reccommend a test to use...


first you can make the data sheet in spss as below

Participant no | Empathatic | Aggression

1 2 1
2 1 1
3 2 2

Here 1 and 2 will represents the low and high level

You can use crosstabs in spss to do the chi-square analysis with assumptions validated