Novice researcher query - Please suggest some statistical methods to use for my 1st quantitative research

Hey Stat Gurus,

Please help me in forming the questionnaire for my research questions,

This study wants to explore the following research questions,
  • Whether block based coding provides confidence for the 1st time programmers to pursue programming in the future?
  • Whether the block based coding takes a non-overwhelming approach in introducing complex VR programming techniques?
  • Whether the block based coding technique brings interest among individual who were afraid of coding or having disinterest in coding?
  • Whether the block based coding technique has any influence on the individuals in understanding programming basics which they failed to understand in line based coding?
  • How the programming experience (if any) influence the individual while learning programming for VR.
A few suggestions on how to form the questions types (scale/categorical/ordinal) and which stat tests would be best to process the collected data, would be great! Please help as I am a novice researcher, just starting my research interests. oh, I am planning to use SPSS for my tests. Many thanks in advance.

PS: Here's my research theme/concept:

Computer programming is rather challenging for first time programmers especially those who are from a non-technical educational background (arts, commerce, etc.,). In addition, writing codes for a basic VR game straight without enough foundation knowledge would rather lead to more confusions and hatred towards the phenomena of programming. The class is learning two subjects in parallel – PROGRAMMING FUNDAMENTALS IN C & VIRTUAL REALITY PROGRAMMING.
In programming fundamentals, the class is being introduced the techniques of line based programming where the students will be writing logical codes line by line and executing them to achieve desired output. In the VR class, the same class is being taken into the world of web based VR programming tool – CoSpaces. Using CoSpaces, the class is practicing visually available block-based coding technique where they drag and drop predefined blocks of code to achieve desired output.