Now Monica Lewinski is an innocent victim of bullying?!

I watched this TED talk. I was like wtf, this is like asking a bully to criticize bullying.

The whole talk was a sophistry. Bullying and cyberbullying are devastating, no doubt. However, Monica Lewinski is not the person to be invited to talk about bullying from the perspective of a "VICTIM". TED team knew that there were many people who could qualify as real examples of cyberbullying victims. Why did they choose Monica Lewinski who has nothing to do with being a victim? Monica Lewinski -with her pretty and innocent face- is herself a predator-in-disguise who abused the public sympathy for her personal gain and fame. Still if she did not sue for the sake of fame, again she was a predator in the first place, when she dared to s--- off the president of the United States (as she puts, to fall in love with him), despite all the warnings she had received during her training programs...

Bullying in order to be defined as bullying needs the existence of two parties at the same time: 1.The bullied: an innocent person who has done nothing wrong (victim) but is being punished for the sin she has not done; 2. The bullies who hurt the victim for their personal reasons (hate, negligence, sadism, you name it) and without caring about the pain the victim experiences.

In the case of Monica Lewinski, none of these existed: (1) She was not at all innocent or a private person who had done nothing wrong. (2) The media did their job of covering the news around the president of the united states [this is not bullying]. Monica Lewinski had become a public figure, as the mistress of the president of the united states, and her sex scandal with the president was PUBLIC domain. So her media coverage or rapping about her were not bullying (she was not innocent, nor private). The way she tried to sell herself as some ordinary and innocent person who had become the target of cyberbullying was repulsive. Actually she must enjoy not being SUED by Hillary and other involved parties.

If she was suicidal, that does not make her a VICTIM. Hitler too became suicidal. Many criminals who have ruined the lives of many people have committed suicide. So were they innocent victims of bullying? (Hence, the sophistry). So I don't buy stories about bathing with the door open (which asks the people to sympathize with someone who has ruined the lives of many). That is nothing to sympathize with. I wonder why she is not jailed for the damage she has done.

I had seen many TED talks from stupid pseudo pioneers who have no depth. But this is a new dimension to the stupidity of TED.