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I'm a little new here but I like that it's devoted to stats (who wouldn't!?). But I do know that I like talking about things other than stats from time to time. I've been a member of different forums and one thing I appreciate is the sort of off-topic subforum. We have a "general discussion" subforum but it just seems to be a catch-all "this stats question/idea didn't fit anywhere else so I'll post it here" and it doesn't seem like it would be appropriate to post something off topic. Maybe this is the atmosphere that is intended but I was wondering if possibly to build some sense of community either the general discussion subforum could be expanded to include off topic posts or possibly a new subforum could be created.

I just think that having an opportunity to interact with other forum members on a non-statistical level might help increase activity around here and give more of a sense of community.

If this doesn't seem appropriate just let me know but I guess I wouldn't mind sharing cookie recipes or just finding out who is everybody's favorite soccer team or anything like that. It's just an idea to toss around and I'm interested in what everybody else thinks about it.