One-Way repeated Measures ANOVA: how to follow up main effects?

Hi all,

I run a One Way Repeated Measures ANOVA to compare color differences means on SPSS. I have a within-subjects factor with 7 levels and a between-subjects factor with 9 levels.
I did a GLM > repeated measures on SPSS and got only main effects, no interactions.

How should I proceed to deconstruct these main effects?

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I looks like what you could do is customize your model i.e. "dump the interaction into the error term of the model". What I mean by that is you would go to GLM->Univariate, then put your DV in and your between factor as a fixed variable and your subject variable as a random factor. Then click "Model" and then click "Customize" (to remove default interaction). Once you do that then bring over your between factor and subjects SEPARATLY into the right side i.e. don't cross them. Click OK and then click Post-Test and do something along lines of a Tukey Post-Hoc analysis, etc.