Order of favorite video games as a kid

I'm not sure I can order them, but here are the top 5 for me:

Sonic I
Super Mario Brothers III
Mortal Kombat II
Aladdin (SNES version)
Pokemon Blue
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Being that I'm only 19 (but my mind is older. It's a Mobb Deep lyric), my favorite video games will probably not coincide with that of most of you guys'. Did anyone ever play Spider-Man (2000), or Spider-Man 1 or, (my favorite) Spider-Man 2? Those were probably my favorites when I was really young, along with some Lilo and Stitch game and MLB: All-Star 2003.
I have lived (and am still loving and living) with these ones. I stopped playing these only after I started getting crazy (literally I mean).

Mortal Kombat II
Digital Integration's F/A-18E Super Hornet
Lock On: Modern Air Combat

I like these ones very much and have played them to death; but these are no compare to the above 3:

Tekken 2 and 3
Streets of Rage (Bare Knuckles) 1 and 2
Comix Zone
Sonic 2
Gran Turismo series
Dune 2
PlayStation Dune
Top Gear
Soccer 94, 95, and 97
Soul Edge
Jane's USAF
Ace Combat (I loved this once, now I dislike it)

I don't like these ones:

Street Fighter series
Need for Speed series
Ace Combat and any other arcade airplane games


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Man, I totally missed this thread.

1. Mega Man (all of them!!)
2. Super Metroid (I beat them all, but as a kid I only could beat this one)
3. Zelda (and SNES one was pretty good, too)
4. Contra (not sure if I beat it as a kid or teen/adult)
5. Final Fantasy IV (or All. Of. Them)