p-value NaN on ANOVA


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Hi All,

I am using an online 1 way ANOVA calculator for a medical stats (I am a novice!) but I end up with a p-value that is not a number (NaN). I have 3 samples... If anyone could kindly shed some light it would be much appreciated! I can provide the raw data if necessary. Many thanks.

source df SS MS F P-value
treatments 2 2.301 1.150 2.0895 NaN
error 309 170.135 0.551
total 311 172.436
The p-value is 12.5 % (so it is not significant on the 5% level).

#  R gives:
1-pf(2.0895, 2, 309 )
# [1] 0.1254941
By the way, don't trust that on line calculator.