Panel or CrossSection with lots of dummies ?

Hello Friends

I'm writing an article about the relation between sales and scores ( games ). My data base consist in 4 variables ( Sales, Year, Score, Plataform ), using Sales as Y, Consoles ( 8 in total ) and Year ( 1998 to 2014 ) as dummies, Score goes from Zero to 100. I have no idea how to test then together. I can use Eviews to test how Years ( as dummies ) and Score affect sales in each individual console, or see in each year how each console ( as dummies ) affect sales.
The thing is, i need to test all together. How Sales are affected by Year, Console and Score. But in each Year i have different consoles, and multiple games in each console / year, and, obviously, some years w/o games on some consoles. To test it w/o panel i would use a lot of dummies, and i don't really think this is the best option.
I'm trying to learn how to use Stata, but so far it gives me "repeated time values within panel" response with xtset

Any help is welcome

Thank you very much