Password Managers


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Currently my system for generating and saving passwords is probably less than ideal.

I was wondering if anybody uses a password manager and if so which one and why. I'm fairly sure BG has spouted off about one or two before but I didn't really care to listen then. I'm fairly sure spunky's system is to use the same password everywhere ("BGplzfriendme").


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Spunky, it has been a couple of weeks, isn't it time for you to take another vacation?
Well... you kinda have good timing because I'm actually going to Disney World and a Caribbean cruise next Thursday. I'll post my mandatory picture with a stats book while sipping one of dem margaritaaas!


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I think there are better managers out there, especially with phone integration. I've just used Keepass 2.x for years now. It works across Linux and Windows at least. I think it can be used with mobile, but I still don't like the idea of that, so I've never implemented it. It gets the job done. I'm actually going to review my security policies, because I need to make sure if **** hits the fan I can still get my passwords back and that they're federated somewhere securely.

Things I would like to see in a new manager
1. Software Token (like Google Authenticator) so I can use that and a local key file to ensure the database is secure without needing a password.
2. Recovery options in case the token breaks (happens; phone breaks, whatever).