Planned Contrasts following MANOVA and RM ANOVA

Hello, Im not sure I will get much help on this but this is a last resort.

I have 2 Independent Variables:
1) Group (Experimental and Control)
2) Time (Baseline, Post-Intervention, Follow-up)

I have 3 Dependent Variables:
1) IS
2) HS
3) RS

Group is the between-subjects factor.
Time is the within-subjects factor.

Participants are randomly allocated into one of the 2 groups. They complete the same questionnaire at baseline, post-intervention and again at follow-up. This provides me with the scores for my 3 DV's (IS, RS & HS). The control group do nothing. The experimental group do daily mindfulness exercises.

So, I have first done a doubly-multivariate MANOVA followed by a 2x3 repeated measures ANOVA.

Next I wanted to ask "Do the scores for HS decrease significantly between Time point 1 (Baseline) and Time points 2 (Post-intervention), and also between Time point 1 and Time point 3 (Follow-up) for participants within the Experimental Group?"

My supervisor has asked me to do a planned contrasts, infact he did it for me in a meeting and I have attached part of the SPSS output. The problem is, I cannot make sense from it.. It also doesn't really tell me in which group the change is occurring.