Please help a 52 year old, last in school 1983

Hi everyone.
My name is Anne. I'm back to school to finish my degree. I haven't been in school since 1983. Psychological Statistics is my first course. I can't fail the class. I don't understand it. I spent 8 hours on my homework today. I know, nuts, huh? I called the tutoring center this morning, but nobody has gotten back to me. :( I have class tomorrow night and an exam on Thursday night. I'm afraid that if i don't get my homework before tomorrow night's class, and he goes onto more for the 4 hours, there will be no way that I'll catch on. Is there anyone out there that has the patience to help an old lady understand? I definitely am not looking for answers, I'm looking to understand.
Thanks in advance. I warn you, I'm not getting this.
How about I figure out how to PM you my e m ail addy? I'm a mac user, and I'm not sure what the msn is. I'm sorry that I'm not more with it. OK, I'll try to figure our the PM thing. Watch for my message. THANKS!
I've also done intermediate - advanced level statistics for behavioral sciences, if you post specific problems, i'm sure other members could help as well; myself included.