Please help analysis between Nominal and interval Value in Excel

I first want to say that this is my first post so sorry if I put it in the wrong topic, second English isn't my mother tongue so sorry as well for bad grammar, word choice or sentence structure.

Currently I'm doing a research about upcoming students and if they make a more conscious / aware study choice then current students in the Netherlands. There has been a political change what means that the new students won't get a study allowance from the state, therefor the price to study will be higher.

I conducted a lot of data and made a score how higher the score how more conscious the study choice is. To my knowledge this score is an interval value. The other data is if the participants are current or upcoming students. Which, again, to my knowledge is a nominal value.

How can I analyse the relation between those two data, which formula do I use. I don't have SPSS so I would prefer an analysis in Excel

I want to thank you guys in advance your help will be appreciated.

If you would like to see the data and come up with suggestions feel free, the text however is in Dutch though


TS Contributor
If you want to comapre two groups with respect to an interval scaled measure,
then an independent samples t-test could be appropriate. Assumingly, there are
instructions on the net how to perform such an analysis using Excel.

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