Please help - I would appreciate any advice! (^_^)

Hi Everyone,

I'm doing a project that is evaluating the timeliness of emergency appendicectomies in a hospital. The literature states that delays beyond 24-48 hours significantly increase post-operative morbidity, complications and length of stay. I have two models to compare - one model where surgery was at any time of day, the other is of a consultant-led model (trauma list). The idea is that the new trauma model reduces the number of overnight surgeries and thus limiting staff fatigue without huge consequences for the patient.

My data collection has the following parameters for each model:
- age
- gender
- time of presentation to ED
- time of booking of surgery
- time of surgery
- time between ED and booking
- time between booking and surgery
- total time between ED and surgery
- type of procedure (open vs. laparoscopic)
- post-operative length of stay (LOS)
- histology of appendix (normal, mild, moderate, severe)

May I please have some suggestions for what types of tests I can use to compare:
- age
- gender
- time intervals
- length of stay
Or any other suggestions you might have!

Thank you so much in advance.

Kindest regards,
Satsuki :wave: