Please help me with this problem

Hey u guys...I've been trying for 2 days straight to solve this problem, I've managed to calculate the expandency and the variance. The rest is simply not understood....

In city A. 30% of the families don't own a car, 45% own 1 car, 20% 2 cars and 5% 3 cars.
E(X)=1 , V(X)=0.7
A. What is the probabilty, that a parking yard with 34 parking spots will be enough to fit 36 families of city A?
B. A contractor plans to build a new house designed to fit 36 families. The municipality demands the parking yard will be at such a size that all the tenands will find a praking spot at a probabilty of at least 0.8. What is the size of the parking yard the contractor needs to build?

Sorry if it's a bit not understood, I tried to translate it from my native languge. I really tried busting my head over this question for 2 days straigh.
Please if it's possible for u to explain to me what u did and just showing the final solution, I'd appreciate it allot.

Thank U!