Please help!- Probability question

  1. Your space ship is not very well managed (the captain is an alcoholic) which means that a lot of people are late for their work shifts. The captain has made an announcement that he has set a goal for everyone to be on time for at last 80% of the shifts. In one day there are 35 people working shifts, and you notice that 23 of them are on time. What is the probability of having 23 of 35 people on time if the true underlying rate was 80%?
    A. 2.02% B. 2.43% C. 3.44%. D. 4.79%

Thank you!!
I am really not good with probability, I know nothing about it, unfortunately, I am hoping someone can help guide me through the answer so I am able to work out future questions!
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If you do not know anything about probability, why do you have to answer such questions?

Did you ever hear about the binomial distribution so far?

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