[PoSt] Philsophy of Statistics


Probably A Mammal
And that series I found on YouTube out of order. I put it in correct order (to watch straight through) on my YouTube account. Hilary is a rare philosopher. He could do a good job explaining PoS. I might find random clips and make a playlist. Could be a useful resource on the future.


Probably A Mammal
I've come across a few articles you philosophy fans might enjoy.

Confirmation -- An overview of the role evidence plays in confirming (as opposed to proving, validating, or justifying) hypotheses.

Evolutionary Epistemology: Random Change in Science -- A critique of science being systematic. Instead, it evolves in a non-systematic way.

Probability in Physics -- It is what it is.

The Semantics of Scientific Theories and also The Semantic View, if Plausible, is Syntactic -- Here's some topics on scientific theories (formally) and the debate between are they semantic or syntactic.

Other interesting topics I'd recommend

The Unity of Science -- Does science cover one universal topic that ultimately is unified or are there natural dichotomies the separate the nature of scientific theories?

Eliminative Materialism -- I've started reading a few of Paul Churchland's books on this, and I have to say, I'm impressed. He essentially takes our common notions of things ("beliefs" and "knowledge") to be part of a folk psychology we naturally developed, a lot like how we have folk notions of "heat" and yet we replaced those in science with rigorous theories of thermodynamics. The same idea applies to the mind and epistemology. Philosophy has advanced focuses on folk notions that need reinforcement, and that is why he argues for this alternative.