Pre-Test/Post-Test With Multiple Tests Running

Very new to this statistics thing and could use some help deciding how to run the data for this.

60 participants (30 control/30 intervention).
Each person is being given 5 different likert-scale assessments, oral cortisol swabs, blood pressure pre-test and post-test.
I'm studying the effects of a Mindfulness intervention on a specific population.

What's the best tests to run? I'm assuming a paired T-test testing each assessment against itself but it could also be repeated measures ANOVA.... how about intervention group vs. control group?

Does this sound right?

Thanks in advanced for your help!
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For 2 groups with pre and post data, a mixed ANOVA approach (repeated
measures ANOVA with an additional grouping factor) would be common.
There, the interaction between the repeated measures factor and the
grouping factor would be of interest (i.e. are changes between t1 and t2
different between groups).

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