Probability for a woman to have superstrenght

Hello everybody,
I have one doubt concerning this calculation:

Is it correct, or should I better calculate how many women have superstrenght taking just in consideration the total number of women?
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Based on the data above, you can only calculate Prob(female | superhero), not the other way around (Prob(superhero | female)).
Without taking in consideration the data above, if the question is:
"What is the estimated probability of having superstrength for a female superhero?" am I supposed to compare the proportions of female with males or compare the proportions of woman with superstrenght with those who do not possess this ability?


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You are not supposed to compare anything. Just calculate the conditional probability of [person has superstrength] conditional on [person is female].
Thank you for your reply.

So in this case, I am right if I calculate the probability of having superstrength for a female superhero by the following way:
female with superstrenght divided by all (males and females) superheros with superstrenght . And then I try to compute the odds ?


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This output is not sufficient. Your calculation should be based on the cross-tabulation of Gender and SuperStrength. Also, read about conditional probability in any book on elementary probability theory.