Probability of Occurrences


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I am wondering could someone help me with an issue I am having as I am new to probabilities. I have data that I calculated the correlations for and plotted the distribution as a histogram and getting a bell shape curve as expected and now I want to know the likelihood of those correlations occurring. I have calculating these values accounting for above and below the mean. I need to make a visual to represent these values but I am unsure what’s the best graph to represent these values. I have tried a histogram but because probabilities are positive this doesn’t seem to work as I do expect that bell shape curve again. When I look at my data the probabilities gradually increase to a point and then start to decrease but it’s when I try and plot the histogram it’s like once the peak is reached the probabilities fold back on each other because they are all positive values and it’s not a fair representation of the data.

thank you!


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Hi Shy,

Not sure I understand your questions.

You do a histogram to count how many values fall in each bucket.

If your histogram looks like: (3 values on bucket A, 4 values on buckrt B ..)
A: 3
B: 4
C: 3

Then the probability chart looks like:

A: 0.3 (3/10)
B: 0.4
C: 0.3

If you want to see the bell shape then you need to make a chart for the PDF - Probability Density Function.
This is like the histogram but with infinite values and the bucket size limit to 0.