Probability question

Can someone help me with this question?

A segment size is 18% of the sample. 88% of the segment will buy laptop in the next 6months, 7% of the segment will buy Dell and 36% will buy knock offs. What is the probability of buying Dell in the next 6months?

I am not sure if I should consider this as conditional probability so that
if C=computer, D=Dell, P(C ∩ D)= P(C|D)*P(D) in which case I don't know how to get P(C|D) or should I consider these events as independent so it's equal to P(C)*P(D)?

Thank you.
This belongs in the probability forum. Moreover, be honest, is this a homework question?

If it is, then I suggest telling us which chapter the problem is from so we can help you with any of the concepts you may be having trouble with.