I am admittedly not a Stats or Math major. I did have to once take Stats 300 at Strayer University. However, I used books and then sold them back. Now, I wish I had my Stats book. I was wondering if an expert could riddle me this. If there are 35 poker players who play in 12 tournaments, what are the odds that the same two players will end up playing heads up (the last two left in the tournament) in the championship match? And do it two years in a row. And further, what are the odds that these same two people finish in first and second place in both years? I know there are formulas and values....but I have not taken Stats in 4 yrs and have totally forgotten how to even formulate it. Does anyone have 5 minutes to have fun? My buddy says it's about 2 million to one. I think that's too low. Thanks in advance.
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