Probably A Very Simple Question (but I am not able to figure it out)

I have a data set in SPSS that has two columns. In the first column, I have Male and Female variables coded as 1 and 2. In the second column, I have 6 variables, say prescribed medicine brands by the doctor, coded 1 thru 6.

What I want to figure out is if there is a significant difference in the prescription rates of medicine 1 between males and females.

Which statistical method should I use to test the difference? (I use SPSS)

Any helps will be pretty much appreciated.

P.S.: The dataset is attached as a compressed file.



TS Contributor
Do you mean you have 1 variable indicationg gender, and 1 variable indicating prescribed brand,
and brand can take values from 1 to 6?
Or does the "brand" column contain more than 1 information per patient (e.g. "1,3,5")?

If "brand" contains only 1 information (a value between 1 and 6), then you can compute
an new variable which contains "1" if the brand variable is 1, and "0" if the brand variable
shows a value between 2 and 5. You can achieve this e.g. by using "recode into different
variables". You can then crosstabulate the new variable with gender.

With kind regards