Problem in running SAS Learning Edition software


I am having an SAS Learning Ed.2.0. But it is not running in my PC.

My PC has following configuration:

RAM-512 MB
Hard Disk - 160 GB
Processor-Intel P 4 3.06 Ghz
Mother Board Intel Original D 865 G

The SAS is not running in my PC...I have installed and reinstalled many

time.Help says that Library file is not found.

Every valid syntax run through CODE ends with UNABLE TO CONNECT WITH

The same SAS software is running in a PC having following

RAM-256 MB
Hard Disk-40 GB
Processor - Intel P 4 2.40 GHz
Mother Board -Intel Original D 845 G

Please send me some solution...
Unable to connect Local Server

Please see my last post...

The main problem is when I try to run a valid syntax through code it always ends with "Unable to connect Local Server".

So please help..and as per last member's post I cannot see any Error that I should have posted here.


i am very sorry , i asked your problem of a person know SAS very good
but he didnot know.
i am very sorry again
Okay this looks like a SAS library problem. Can you post your code that you are running to see if this is the problem? In SAS you need to assign a library and if the code is referring to a library that is not assigned or active, then this error can come up. If this is the problem, then it is a coding problem and not an installation problem.

If you aren't familar with libraries, take a look at the SAS help or your manual to see what it says about them as they are very important in writing code in SAS. I think the learning edition includes a book with the software and it might help.