problem with MR

I have a problem with the results of MR and I hope somebody can help me:)
conducting MR with Enter method, I got a model which is not significant, but the beta value of one variable is significant. I don't know how to interpret this?

I had seven predictors, ie IV
What I mean is - Is the only significant p-value the one for the constant? Or do you actually have a significant independent variable with a non-significant F test?
oh, I get. the value for constant is significant, and that doesn't worry me.
the thing that worries me is that one indepedent value has significant beta (p=0,024), although the whole model is not significant (F is not significant)
Okay. That doesn't happen often. You may want to remove one or more nonsignificant predictor, if you can, and search for the best model with a significant F. But, if these other independents are control variables and MUST be in your model, then ignore the F test, as long as the significant predictor is of interest.
thank you!
but my supervisor told me not to interpret if the F is not significant, even if one variable in the model is significant.
the other professor told me exactly what you told me. I don't know what to think anymore