"Proce ARIMA not found"

I did a simple:

but I got the error 'PROC ARIMA not found.' I know that some features in SAS needs to be purchased, but since this is using Enterprise guide, it actually has an ARIMA function in it's menu and I was able to use it.

Is there a reason that coding it does not work?

And I want to code it just so I can learn the syntax.


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You need to check to see if you have the ETS module - which does not come with the standard statistical module. Just because Enterprise Guide shows a module does not mean it exist. There are modules which show up on EG which you may not have purchased and they won't run (that has happened to me).

Having worked with PROC ARIMA, there are elements of it that are a pain to code particularly how you code in MA and AR and seasonal MA and AR.


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There is some line you can run that tells you which packages you have. I am thinking it is proc Sentin or something like that. Or that might be the line that says when your license expires.


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If you select and run something in Enterprise Guide with the GUI in the Task bar (as compared to a code window) you will get something like "You cannot run the ....because ....is either not licensed or the product license has expired." where ... is what you are trying to use.