Proposed Article & Book Forum/Threads


Administrators, Moderators & Contributors,

As I work through different statistical techniques I spend a lot of time searching for articles & books that are learning friendly. Sometimes I request articles and books from my university library only to have them turn out to be disappointing. I've asked people on Talk Stats for suggestions of articles and received some great recommendations but feel (spongy; if that's a word) continually asking people for this information.

Thus my proposal:
A forum of suggested research articles/books broken down by method(s). ie. Inside the Research Article forum you'd have a GLM thread, logistic regression, Poisson regression, negative binomial, etc.
Additionally we could mark suggested readings as (introductory, advanced etc.)

I think we'd want to post the articles/books in some format (maybe APA) and link them to internet versions of the paper/book if the article is available in this format.
I was just going to start a random thread somewhere like this but I thought it could be better received & implemented with more planning and insight from the administrators, moderators, and contributors who make this website happen.


Super Moderator
I like this idea trinker and I agree it would be very useful go-to resource. However I would propose to you and the Mods/Contributors and Quark that this would be great to implement in the pedia, rather than here per se. However, a thread attaching the pedia link within TS might be a nice idea.