psyc stats

I cant seem to understand what these results are showing! The experiment was to test face recognition when the face is tilted a certain way ie yaw or pitch direction.

Zero Yaw 30o Yaw 60o Pitch 30o Pitch 30o Pitch60
Mean 0.9625 0.9068 0.8352 0.8187 0.7031
s.d. 0.03755 0.07891 0.08865 0.12254 0.10685

Comparison t-value p (sig.)
Zero vs Yaw 30 4.745 .001
Yaw 30 vs Yaw 60 5.619 .001
Zero vs Pitch 30 8.421 .001
Pitch 30 vs Pitch 60 5.250 .001

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The first part of the results seems to be a list of mean and sd for Yaw30 to Pitch60.
There are six variables but only five columns of results...

The second part is a list of t-test results, You are comparing Zero vs Yaw30, Yaw30 vs Yaw 60... The first value in each row is the t-test statistic and the second value is the corresondng p-value. The t-tests are all significant as shown by the p-values.

Hope this helps.