Hey Im doing a PhD where I am currently working on my first article. My article is based on some theory that my advisor and his collaborator has developed in a working paper but have not yet published. However he tells me that I cannot publish until after he and his collaborators have published their working paper in some journal. At first I did not give this much thought but now I am starting to think it is a bit annoying. Is this normal procedure for PhD students?


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Probably not too uncommon it the original content was their brainchild. The publishing process as take quite awhile some times given the content, journal, and reviewing process.

You should have them inform you of when the article has been accepted by the journal, then you can move forward, which may be before it is printed.


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I think it's also important for their work to be published and recognized so you can cite it as a credible reference. I think you should keep drafting it and working on another meaningful project until you have the go ahead to submit yours for publication.

I imagine your work has come as a result of your advisor's work, so it's a little hard to complain if they put a good foundation forward for you to utilize.