Question about birthday's


I was curious how often the following occurs, the short version of a person's birthday is the same as the year they were born.

IOW: My birthday, 1/9/64 is the same as the year I was born, 1964.

I searched Google and found another person who asked this question, but there were no answers. I see a lot of articles about when the age you turn matches the year.

Figured if anyone might know, someone here would.

I'm embarrassed to admit I'm 58 years old and only a couple of years ago I realized this about the numbers.

Thanks in advance.


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It looks to me as if there is only one day a year where this would work in the 20th century if you want x/y/zz to become 19zz so that would be a probability of 1/365 or 1/366 for a living person more than 22 years old.
x/y/zz becoming 20zz doesn't look possible unless you interpret your dates in a different way.