Quick hello

Hey there TalkStats folks,

Found these boards not too long ago and was happy to see there is a place for students/professionals interested in statistics to gather and chat!

Brief academic background:
I graduated with a B.S. in Biology (minored in math) in spring 2010. During my much needed year long break after graduation, I scratched my head and thought about what I wanted my next educational step to be. The job prospects for newly graduated people with M.S.'s (or even PhD's) in Biology looked pretty grim, and I knew that doing wet-lab biology didn't interest me much. After considering the different careers that would combine my biology and math background, my mind kept drifting toward biostatistics as a good fit. I got accepted for the M.S. program in Biostatistics for the fall 2011 semester at my alma mater and...voila, here I am.

Challenges ahead:
Coming from a biology background, I have a lot of ground to make up in terms of general statistical knowledge. My undergraduate major required only one semester course in biostatistics, and I chose to take mainly theoretical math courses for my minor.

I'll stop here before I start get carried away with talking about "the road ahead" for me. Glad to have found these forums, and I hope to be able to contribute to discussions at some point in the future!

- Max


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Hi Max. Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing your brief background. Please feel free to chip in and join discussions and ask questions. Its a great place to share knowledge.


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Hi Max! :welcome:

We're glad to have you here! Just a fair warning: there are raptors among you. You'll want to look out for trinker especially (confirmed raptor!).

Don't buy into anybody's claim that I am a bot sent here from the future to kill all humans. Only part of that is true.

Silliness aside we're glad to have you here and if you have any questions about theory or anything stat related (or not) feel free to ask!