(R) Analysing abundance in plots with different treatments -with factorial ANOVA?

I'm not connected to a Uni anymore, but want to write an article on my friend's data from her Master's while applying for a Phd.

The data will contain 2 analyses of vegetation growth in different plots exposed to different treatments (+control). The plan is to use the sum of the plots. The two analyses I think we need is one when we include the different species and see if they react differently to the treatments, but first off I just want to look at the total abundance over time in relation to the treatments.

For this first analysis I would love to hear if you agree (or not) to use a factorial anova. The dependent variables would be the treatments/control, while the independent variables would be the different dates and I end up with a data set like this:

treatment 1 treatment 2 treatment 3...
1st date mean individuals " "
2nd date " " "
etc.. " "

However, we expect that the number of plant individuals will increase for all treatments as time (dates) goes...would this make the factorial anova less suitable?

If anyone have comments I'd love to hear them! Thank you.