[R graphics export/import] High-res graphics from R into Word


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Hi all,
I'm completing graphs for my dissertation, and I decided to bite the bullet and ask all of you gurus about how to efficiently export R graphics into Word (no, I'm not using Latex yet). By export into Word, I simply mean export the high-res image into a folder for eventual import into Word. Nothing too tricky.

My "long-cut" approach that has been working:
  • - Set dimensions of graphics device (kept constant for all images in my chapters)
  • - Create graph
  • - Manually save image as PDF
  • - Open PDF and increase size.
  • - Hand select entire PDF and copy-and-paste into Word.

This has been working well, but I'm tired of doing this. I've also tried running the tiff() and png() functions, but even setting these at high resolution and wide dimensions is resulting in poor resolution. There's perhaps something obvious I'm missing in the specificaiton of dimensions, resolution, and pointsize for text, but this is far from intuitive. There simply has to be a more simple (and relatively thoughtless and painless) way of dealing with this issue.

Thanks in advance...I know you all are going to lambast me for not simply using Latex. I'm still a Wordie. One day, I'll grow up.
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Interesting paradox. I looked at EPS and thought they looked very crappy. This is very interesting. A good hint. I'll check this out.