R Help ForHypothesis Testing

In a blind taste test, do people prefer pate or dog food? To investigate, Bohannon et al. (2010) presented 18 college educated adults with unlabeled samples of dog food and meat products meant for humans. Participants were asked to rank their preferences. Two of the 18 participants ranked the dog food first, whereas the other 16 participants chose food meant for people first. Based on these results, can we conclude that people are less likely to prefer dog food over all human food than would be expected by chance?
  • Calculate a 95% confidence interval for the proportion choosing dog food first, using an existing R function (not calculating by hand).
  • Plot the confidence interval, using the appropriate R function for plotting confidence intervals
  • Go through all the steps of hypothesis testing for this problem, using an existing R function to get the test results
  • Write an appropriate methods sentence describing what you did that cites R and any necessary packages.
  • Write a results sentence that formally states the conclusion from your test.
  • List your formatted references.
Please use the R program


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