R Markdown document-How do you display/format a References/Bibliography section?

Hello, I am trying to write a scientific paper using R Markdown, but am unsure about the best way to include the references section.

Since I have over 50 references (currently as a list of 50 PMIDs) I am looking for a fast way to format them in the style of the specific journal I want to publish in (BMC Cancer research).

I have done research and found a tool that converts the PMIDs of the 50 papers I want to reference into an exportable bibtex format (http://www.bioinformatics.org/texmed/), but I am not sure how to proceed from there and get these 50 articles into my references section in the R markdown document, and have them formatted correctly for publication in the journal BMC Cancer.

Additional info about me that may be helpful:
I have downloaded the .csl file for the BMC Cancer journal (bmc-cancer.csl) from Github <https://github.com/citation-style-language/styles>, but I am not sure how to use this .csl file and the 50 bibtex entries I have to get a formatted references section for my paper in R markdown.

Read a lot of articles about using bibtex online, but could not find an answer (I do not have bibtex/latex experience). Any help is appreciated, thanks so much!