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Interesting. I don't think I actually have books that focus solely on programming in R (not that I feel that I need them but I always like having a reference) and this doesn't look too expensive.

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Looks like the book isn't available to my library loan program yet. I'll keep an eye out for it. I want to learn more about programming in R. Chapter 16 on "Parallel R" could be interesting! I was actually going to start a thread to talk about S3 programming. I'm going to be working on a pretty complex project. In Java or C, I know how to organize my functions. I'll have a main one that basically calls everything else. I wonder what is the better way to program in R. Do you keep everything as separate functions, or should one use nested functions? Do we keep them in one file or have separate files to source? I think there's a lot to be discussed about this, and there is definitely a lot for me to learn about it.


It looks like the first (most) of the chapters are very basic. I'm guessing it's not what I hope it will be. I'll get UB to get it inter library loan (or purchase it if they can't get it via loan) and I'll check it out for free.

What I need is a book that talks about programming the way Robert I. Kabacoff (Author of R in Action adn the website Quick-R) talks about stats. Something that covers cool stuff like gWidgets.


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Maybe a search for courses someone might teach on R and specifically R programming? Even better, search Google with the "filetype:pdf" string to find accessible pdfs on the topic! I'll look into this tomorrow.


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Thank you and darn you! Now I'm gonna get to bed late because I'll be blasting through this book to see where the good stuff is at (the first part just seems like the R Introduction with a bit extra elaboration and perspective).


ggplot Update from Wickham

Hadley said:
Hi all,

We're getting very close to another release of ggplot2. I think it's
now at the point where it would be useful for more people to start
trying out the development version. The easiest way to get it is:

dev_mode() # to avoid clobbering existing install


Please read the news file for an extensive list of changes:

news(Version == "0.9.0", package = "ggplot2")

If you do discover problems, please sign up for the ggplot-dev mailing
list and discuss them there. That will help keep discussions about
the released version separate from the development version.

You can follow progress on bugs etc at




This one:

duplicated() ignored fromLast for a one-column data frame

got me the other day but I didn't know any better and assumed I was using it incorrectly.


New release of wordcloud. The new release of wordcloud (found here) by Ian Fellows has some pretty cool new features (for a vignette/blog click here). I believe this release includes the ability to control word colors (an additional layer of meaning in text analysis) partially inspired by the SO post (HERE).

Still plating with the new release. So far the comparison and commonality clouds are pretty awesome. I still have to see if the ability to assign color I inquired about in the SO post is an argument of the new wordcloud function.


Release of R 2.14.2 and R 2.15 are set:
Peter Dalgaard said:
It is the intention of the R Core Team to release the finalized version of the 2.14.x series at the end of February, and soon thereafter to start the run-in for 2.15.0. I.e.,

2.14.2 "Gift-Getting Season" on Feb 29 (3rd anniversary of R-1.0.0!)
2.15.0 "Easter Beagle" on Mar 30

(We'll see about getting the nicknames into the actual sources this time.)

Further details to follow.


R 2.14.2 (last of the 2.14 series) released

Peter Dalgaard said:
The build system rolled up R-2.14.2.tar.gz (codename "Gift-Getting Season") at 9:00 this morning. This is intended to be the final round-up release of the 2.14 series; see the list below for details.

(The codename is still not part of the actual sources. That feature will have to wait for 2.15.0, "Easter Beagle").

This release also marks the 3rd anniversary of R-1.0.0.

You can get the source code from


or wait for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site nearer to you.

Binaries for various platforms will appear in due course.

For the R Core Team

Peter Dalgaard


The newest version (0.9.0) of ggplot was released today. This is pretty exciting because this latest version has many bug fixes, added flexibility, new functions/arguments for handling large data set, and documentation was substantially updated. Also released is the accompanying ggmap for interfacing ggplot2 with maps in an easier fashion.

ggplot2 release
ggmap release