r script help

This is my R script where i am attempting to perform a wilcox test

" dat<-read.csv("204dfos.csv", header=TRUE)
boxplot(TFfreq, Chronicfreq)
wilcox.test(dat$TFfreq, dat$Chronicfreq, paired = TRUE, alternative = “greater”) "
For the names (dat) part it returns the correct output : "TFfreq" "Chronicfreq"
and the boxplot function (which i did to check if R was reading my data properly) returns this error message : Error in boxplot(TFfreq, Chronicfreq) : object 'TFfreq' not found

Any ideas what this could mean? im not sure if this error message from the boxplot part is also why the wilcox function isnt working or if its unrelated. This is the error message for the wilcox test:

' Error: unexpected input in "wilcox.test(dat$TFfreq, dat$Chronicfreq, paired = TRUE, alternative = “" '