No cake for spunky
Been a long day [I found a major error in a report I am paranoid about checking for errors a year late. And the calculation was correct].

I am learning R with infinite slowness. So today I decided cleverly to go ask if any one in the HQ [which includes a very large group of expert programmers] was familiar with R. None had even heard of it.

The day got longer:shakehead


Probably A Mammal
R isn't typically used by "programmers" (read "software developers"). It's used by analysts. It's a growing requirement that to do analysis today requires programming skills. Even among Python programmers (for system, web, or software development), few will probably have heard of Pandas, but you ask any data scientist, and they should **** well know what that library provides.


Probably A Mammal
Pandas provides a DataFrame class object to Python that is similar to, but more general than, the data.frame object found in R. It provides similar methods to R semantics for a variety of tasks, such as importing data (the catch-all in Pandas is read_csv whereas in R it's read.table from which read.delim, read.csv, etc. are derived). Since Python is not R, the actual syntax is quite different, however.